Walpurgis Night

Hello everyone, We´ve had a lot of fun time these recent days. It feels like we've been all 
over the places. It's really nice to be able to let go and relax away all the routines in our 
daily lives. We´ve spent this weekend with good friends and had a great time. Stockholm 
has delivered a fantastic weather for some days know, keep it coming. It´s soon midnight
 and it totally fits for a good movie, I feel for action tonight, it´s not often I feel for that kind
 of movie but i´m feeling it at this moment. So action it is, Mission impossible 4.

, Hope you all had a nice Valborg, Walpurgis Night in Sweden.


Thank god for YouTube

I play this current tune for you this morning, which has
 been Leo's favorite for long time. It's a song of Awa Manneh
 Jag ger dig min morgon, which translates I give you the morning.
 The chorus it´s usually played as a commercial on TV for butter 
called Lätta. And every time it pops up Leo immediately stop
 with whatever he was doing starring at the TV.

While watching he looks so pleased and compassioned with
 a big smile on his face. And when the commercial runs out he 
saddens, crying for to hear it again, so thank good for YouTube. 

Well we all got our favorite tune. 


Beauty has everything

: )

Fruit smoothies for breakfast

I am starting the day with a refreshing smoothie that contains only fruits;
 Raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, banana and red currant. Having the red 
currant in smoothie gives a sour taste which is 
incredibly good.

Good morning.

Personalised teddy bears

I just saw this on a site. Apparently a company called Native Belle is making
African print teddy bears which I find adorable. I so want one. Here are some:

Personalised teddy bears
Personalised teddy bears

My personal favorite, the Golden Blue Bear!
Personalised teddy bears
African print teddy bears

Every bear is unique in all different colors and makes such a perfect
 Present for any occasions. I think Leo would love one.

Nice day to you.

Red dragon fruit

Red dragon fruit
Red dragon fruit

 Doesn't the dragon fruit look super delicious? They grow on a cactus tree,. It´s amazing
how much good nature has to offer. Must really try it! Any reader who has tasted?


The new formula.

It´s moving forward people. It's been exactly five days know since we started a dairy-free diet. 
It was tough the first three days for Leo to adapt to he´s new milk formula, He totally refused. But after
 a lot of patience and with a little bit added sugar he was back to normal enjoying the bottle again.
 Now in our second week we´ll gradually reduce the sugar to no sugar. 
Actually It´s a bit better 
already the stomach has improved and he´s not crying in pain but most of the 
experience of the pain. And finally, he eats properly non-dairy food of course
Happy mama?…Totally! 

: )

My new shoes

My new shoes
My new shoes

New in my wardrobe are shoes for myself, though I had forbidden me to buy more.
 But Belle shoes do not stop to take in nice and cute shoes, so instead, I´m seriously thinking 
of getting myself bigger apartment or better yet buying a house and build myself a walk in 
closet. I have never owned a pair of pink shoes, so I took out my dearing side when I saw 
these goodies. And I love the wedges; they are so cute, yes cute, and comfy. I could seriously run a
 marathon in them!
Now I´m so longing to summer so I can have a use for them. Keep it fly mamas.

Lovely day to you.

Milk intolerance in babies

Milk intolerance in babies
This is so frustrating. Leo has had stomach problems for a while now. This related to when he 
completely stopped breastfeeding and started with milk formula. It has gone in waves and sometimes 
he´s stomach has worked well. But mostly it has not been working as it should. He has been having a hard 
time empting he´s stomach. He cries every time he poops and it pains so much seeing him go through it 
every time. Now it has gone so far that he actually stopped eating. 

We didn’t have a clue that he was totally constipated; apparently you can be constipated even though 
you poop every day. To release it for him we started giving him Lactulose about two weeks ago 
and nothing has happened. He still cries every time AAAAARGGHHH!!

Milk intolerance in babies

Since it’s been going on for so long know. The pediatrician counseled us about that Leo might be
intolerance tothe cow milk protein in his formula. This is something completely new for us. After having
 a long discussions and checkups the pediatrician advises us to start with a milk protein free diet for Leo. 
The diet is for four weeks and then we´ll have to do a provocation.If the symptoms resolve and
 then return when milk is reintroduced into the diet, this is diagnostic for allergy
 called Elimination/Reintroduction. It simply means that he will start eating 
the regular milk protein again. In that way we´ll be able to see how his stomach 
reacts and it possibly will prove or disprove if he has milk protein allergy.

Babies with cow's milk allergy exhibit skin rashes or eczema. Most cases, the babies experience 
diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal cramps or abdominal pains.  Luckily besides the constipation our
 little prince is doing great, he shows no sign of other discomfort and has no rash at all indicative of 
cow milk protein allergies. Apparently this is new for us, but we´ll do everything to make it 
better. In the meantime all our fingers are crossed for no allergies. 4 weeks to go.

How about you, do your Baby have a dairy sensitivity or allergy? Please shear your thoughts 
you might have. Do you have any other advice concerning stomach/constipation?

Today’s inspiration

It's such a nice day today. The sun is up and we´ve just returned home from a
long walk with some mamas. Now we´re having a playtime with the kids while
 enjoying a nice lunch.

Lovely day to you : )

Just a moment ago

My bundle of joy. Nothing could top this feeling. :-)

 Leo has learned how to give away kisses. When I ask him for a kiss, he smiles, turns around 
open his mouth and *SMACK* on my cheek. Leaving my cheek all soaked with drool. But what does it matter.

 It´s the best kiss ever.

Farmers market

local Farmers market

local Farmers market
 A berry bonanza. I am a huge fan of strawberries and just berries in general. So I got some. 
Of course
local Farmers market

I went to the Hötorget farmer’s market with some friends earlier today. I had bought some amazingly
 good strawberries and corn on the cob there as I was passing by on Monday and wanted more. We got
 there early enough so we could get the best of produces. I love this place. Whenever I hit the centre of
 Stockholm, I usually swing by Hötorget (Haymarket) to take in rows and rows of vividly colored 
fresh fruit and vegetables.

The guys are usually there every day, except for Sundays when instead of fruit, you’ll find
 odd knick-knacks, vinyl records, worn out books, and other cheap antiques in their
 place at the makeshift flea market.

Color makes people happy

@ Home.
Color makes people happy

Colorful Easter eggs.
It´s said that color makes people happy. It has been
 scientifically studied and established that colour and emotions are linked. These 
are most likely caused by associations with memories of these colours, for example
a childhood bedroom painted in that colour. In the same way, a frightening
 or unpleasant association could cause a particular colour to trigger a similar emotion. 
Of course there will be personal preferences and cultural differences but overall 
these are the key connections;

Color makes people happyColor makes people happy
*the happiest colour is yellow, probably because it evokes 
thoughts of the sun, sunshine and sunny days in general.

*Green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. 
Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green suggests stability
endurance and indicates growth and hope.

*Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, 
nobility, luxury, and ambition. It bears wealth and extravagance
 According to surveys, almost 75 percent of pre-adolescent children 
prefer purple to all other colors. Check out for more color meaning here.

Color makes people happy
Color makes people happy

We´ve spent the whole Easter weekend with relatives in the countryside. So very cozy!
Isn’t it just adorable how Leo's grandmother arranged the plates and cutlery for him? We loved it.

Hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine ; )


Easter is around the corner cuties…Is that something that you 
celebrate at home with food, decorations, Easter egg and so on.

Happy Easter holiday
Happy Easter holiday

 Now that I have my own family, I have the opportunity to pass along the Easter 
traditions that I had as a child. I am the first to admit that Easter (like Christmas) 
has become far too commercial. Obviously our son is too young and is not aware
 of the Easter and all other traditions.

But for in the future while we will allow our youngster to participate in all of the “Easter” activities", 
we´ll ensure that he learn to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and that he will have special 
memories of spending time with his family on Easter Sunday.

For our family, Easter is just not Easter if you don´t:

Remember that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection Of Jesus Christ;
Most defiantly get together as a family. And of course i’m so looking forward
To take Leo on Easter egg hunts. Well hopefully next year. 

yes next year.

My horoscope today

My horoscope today

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You’ll be quite busy running around and having to deal with a bunch of 
different people and things today. Don’t be afraid to discuss any money 
matters with others right now. And just realize that you may need to spend
 a little money to take care of a few things today whether you like it or not.
 Mantra: I will create foundations that I can build on.

Good morning sunshine´s.