Greenish with his heart in the right place

I love to dress Leo in all kinds of clothes. Brand or price has no meaning, One rule I always follow is that cheap doesn't mean bad, and expensive doesn’t always have to be the best. However it’s an advantage to always strive for quality. But I also bargains children clothing when I shop clothes for my little darling. Leo often outgrows his clothes before they have even been used. Recognizing we bought too many clothes to Leo at the beginning..

 I am a big fan of Lundmyr children's clothing; they are both comfortable and safe to wear. The details have good performance and are made from fabrics that suit children's sensitive skin. Much of Lundmyr of Sweden's children's collection consists of organic baby clothes, we like that! And best of all, they have another super news; their new patent on the body’s which they've chosen to call "I will grow with you." It is exactly as it stands the garment that grows with your child. Leo is wearing this green/with body with a cap, and will be able to use them until he is 1.5 years, good huh

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