New favorites

nude lipstick

New favorites

My sponge bag is getting a makeover. New from the makeup store is a bag of makeup sponges, a pretty good deal considering that it contains 8 pieces of sponges. I bought black eyeliner and a lipstick Aztec. The eyebrow fix, makeup sharpener and the black divine ring are all purchased from H&M. I already know that the eyebrow fix is a favorite. I just love the way it makes my eyebrows stay in place the whole day, no matter what! I also adore the Aztec lipstick; this is my second time purchasing it.

I love Aztec because it has a smooth application and keeps my lips moisturized for hours, yes it does! The lipstick has a slight shine to it that makes me smile even brighter. I’ve been rocking the nude look for a while know. I love the look mostly because it works anywhere. Personally I think It´s a very good treaty and I super recommend it to mamas who have limited time to put on some advanced makeup.

 I also think that the nude lipstick is an overall win for brown skin, and ideal for Black women who are a noticeable shade of medium to dark brown. Of course, lighter skinned mamas can rock this shade, too
Work those lips! 

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  1. I also goes for the nudelook, looks good on you. But mostly mine keep dryin out my lips.Do u need a balm to this one. Nice blog!