Did someone say… chocolate?!

We’ve had a chocolaty day today. I met up with a girlfriend in Sigtuna town, a very nice place to hang out on a day like this. We chose to visit RC in Sigtuna, which is a wonderful oasis that simply makes me happy. Good coffee, good pastries, fabulous chocolates, delicious mousse cakes. Friendly staff who know that I want my latte "weak," Simply the best! Go there if you want great coffee in Sigtuna.

We were so lucky; RC was celebrating their 10th anniversary and offered10% discount on everything, Halloooo! And for around15 $ we could have the buffet. Yes you heard me, a buffet. Lucky strike huh, there were different varieties of cakes, chocolates, brownies, cream cake, chocolates pralines and so on. 

Not everyone likes the same foods,
 but you might feel like chocolate is something a whole bunch of people really like!

I LOVE chocolate, it’s the taste and texture that soothe me. 
It also has some ingredient to lift your spirits!! I need some...Just a lil…Every day.
Did someone say… chocolate?

 The day was perfect, We got high on sugar! 

But it was totally worth it.

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