Easter is around the corner cuties…Is that something that you 
celebrate at home with food, decorations, Easter egg and so on.

Happy Easter holiday
Happy Easter holiday

 Now that I have my own family, I have the opportunity to pass along the Easter 
traditions that I had as a child. I am the first to admit that Easter (like Christmas) 
has become far too commercial. Obviously our son is too young and is not aware
 of the Easter and all other traditions.

But for in the future while we will allow our youngster to participate in all of the “Easter” activities", 
we´ll ensure that he learn to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and that he will have special 
memories of spending time with his family on Easter Sunday.

For our family, Easter is just not Easter if you don´t:

Remember that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection Of Jesus Christ;
Most defiantly get together as a family. And of course i’m so looking forward
To take Leo on Easter egg hunts. Well hopefully next year. 

yes next year.

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