Farmers market

local Farmers market

local Farmers market
 A berry bonanza. I am a huge fan of strawberries and just berries in general. So I got some. 
Of course
local Farmers market

I went to the Hötorget farmer’s market with some friends earlier today. I had bought some amazingly
 good strawberries and corn on the cob there as I was passing by on Monday and wanted more. We got
 there early enough so we could get the best of produces. I love this place. Whenever I hit the centre of
 Stockholm, I usually swing by Hötorget (Haymarket) to take in rows and rows of vividly colored 
fresh fruit and vegetables.

The guys are usually there every day, except for Sundays when instead of fruit, you’ll find
 odd knick-knacks, vinyl records, worn out books, and other cheap antiques in their
 place at the makeshift flea market.

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