Milk intolerance in babies

Milk intolerance in babies
This is so frustrating. Leo has had stomach problems for a while now. This related to when he 
completely stopped breastfeeding and started with milk formula. It has gone in waves and sometimes 
he´s stomach has worked well. But mostly it has not been working as it should. He has been having a hard 
time empting he´s stomach. He cries every time he poops and it pains so much seeing him go through it 
every time. Now it has gone so far that he actually stopped eating. 

We didn’t have a clue that he was totally constipated; apparently you can be constipated even though 
you poop every day. To release it for him we started giving him Lactulose about two weeks ago 
and nothing has happened. He still cries every time AAAAARGGHHH!!

Milk intolerance in babies

Since it’s been going on for so long know. The pediatrician counseled us about that Leo might be
intolerance tothe cow milk protein in his formula. This is something completely new for us. After having
 a long discussions and checkups the pediatrician advises us to start with a milk protein free diet for Leo. 
The diet is for four weeks and then we´ll have to do a provocation.If the symptoms resolve and
 then return when milk is reintroduced into the diet, this is diagnostic for allergy
 called Elimination/Reintroduction. It simply means that he will start eating 
the regular milk protein again. In that way we´ll be able to see how his stomach 
reacts and it possibly will prove or disprove if he has milk protein allergy.

Babies with cow's milk allergy exhibit skin rashes or eczema. Most cases, the babies experience 
diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal cramps or abdominal pains.  Luckily besides the constipation our
 little prince is doing great, he shows no sign of other discomfort and has no rash at all indicative of 
cow milk protein allergies. Apparently this is new for us, but we´ll do everything to make it 
better. In the meantime all our fingers are crossed for no allergies. 4 weeks to go.

How about you, do your Baby have a dairy sensitivity or allergy? Please shear your thoughts 
you might have. Do you have any other advice concerning stomach/constipation?

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  1. I think my baby's got a milk sensitivity/allergy. He started off as fussy - but that's not abnormal in a newborn. Then, we thought he had reflux because he spit up so much, arched his back, and fussed at feeding time. By the time his stools turned green and had mucous and blood (4 mos old) - I had no idea what was wrong with him. He had frequent diarrhea, was projectile vomiting, and was obviously in pain. Finally, I was told about milk allergies. Within days of eliminating dairy, he stopped spitting up so much, stopped fussing, and his number of bm's went down dramatically (he was going constantly). I thought he had a drool rash on his rosy and dry cheeks - turns out to be mild ezcema and is almost gone. I wish I had known sooner! So many people think I'm nuts and he just had a 'bug' but I know that the milk I consumed was causing him misery. Small sacrifice to stop eating it!

  2. The only thing that should drink cows milk are cows...Milk is bad....bad moocow

  3. The How To Hub19 april 2012 14:58

    My first two children were both lactose intolerant and breast feed. The odds of having a child that reacts to breast milk is very very low but to end up with two I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world.

  4. You're sure not the only one. Ditto with my daughter and all 7 of her cousins from my husband's side. Egh.

  5. My baby is 5 weeks right now but when he was 2 or 3 weeks he would projectile vomit after every bottle. sometimes he projectile vomited right after a feed sometimes it would be an hour later. So I knew it wasn't pyloric stenosis. He would blow out of every diaper, arch his back, and cry a lot. I took him into the pediatrician about 3 weeks and he prescribe him zantax and said he had reflux and said it could take a year to go away. After a week of the medicine things weren't getting any better. He started getting green mucusy poop. my Motherly instinct said that's something more was wrong and so I went back to the internet to search and found that it could be milk protien allergy. I've been off dairy for 2 days now and my baby is already improving. He is vomiting less.Thanks for shearing, and good luck with your sweet son.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm a first time mom with a 3 month old daughter who just tested positive for a milk protein allergy. After months of "colic", a trip to the emergency room, poor weight gain, and endless hours of crying with my daughter, a new pediatrician finally suggested getting stool samples tested for this. I've been off dairy for a few days now and am so grateful to finally know what's wrong. Looking forward to seeing the full results!