A day like this

A day like this

The kids love to be in the open-air.
The pink baby stroller is just too quite, lil mama your to adorable. 

A day like this
A day like this

Some mamas just know how to rock it.
A day like this
A day like this

Sigtuna is a very lovely town to spend an hour a day or two in. 
By the way, it’s probably nice to live in as well, but now i’m very 
lucky to live near this wonderful place. Do you remember 
last time I visited this place. If not, then you might check it out here,
 but I must give you a WARNING it might induce serious cravings.

Well, we spent some time here for
two days ago, and had such a nice evening here.
Thanks mamas for an enjoyable time.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken dag:) fina bilder. De sparar jag åt mig själv också.

    1. Härlig dag, tack det är ni som är så fina. Jag har några till, skickar gärna orginalen till dag.