Just want to lie in bed

Just want to lie in bed
Yuh, I woke up feeling very dull today. I would do anything just to stay in my warm bed!
 But that’s not even an option; duty calls! Hey, I might have the world's toughest employer. 
He lays her beside me climbing on my head and at the same time kicking me in the stomach. 
While doing that he yells something like this; Daaa da da dada mmma ma maaaaaaa get up, 
I need you to fix me breakfast now. If you destroy my morning I'll make your day a living
hell heaven. Just to obey huh. Not easy being a mom sometimes and today is one of those
 Days. These kinds of days I would like to call me in sick. I know I´ll be alert, once I get up, 
but at the moment I feel like laying here 


2 kommentarer:

  1. Det här känner man igen. Bara att stiga upp,det brukar sluta bra.

  2. Precis. Det är inte ofta jag känner så här, men ibland slår det till och då orkar jag verkligen med ingenting.