Kenya it is


I have longed for this trip. Last time I was in Kenya was back in 2007. 
That was when my beloved grandfather passed away, I miss him terrible. 
It´s five years already, and I can´t help feeling this strong urge for Africa. 
I miss everything about Kenya, especially the family there.

 This trip will be different in every way, “Well we are three know” 
getting new travelling experience. But I already sense that
 we´ll be having an amazing trip. 

There is a well-known saying that“ once Africa, it´s always Africa” 
when you get in your blood, you always will have thoughts of 
returning back once again to experience the great atmosphere.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I can totally relate. I wanted to go earlier in April but school wouldn't let me.
    There really is no place like home. Safe travel and enjoy the bounty of Africa's finest. :-)

    - Muthoni

  2. When the school is closing u just get on the first best flight back. Home is great, we enjoys it sana!! This is our third week and it feels like i never want to leave. Nai is a bit cold, well its the winter period knw. But Mombasa i toooo hot we are melting away, but i like it that way. Nice reading from u- bless ; )