This thing about traveling with children...

God, i could literally shop to death before the trip. I am such a sucker for 
everything or maybe i´m a bit easy to fool and easily fall for everything.
- Oh I must have an extended sunscreen for the stroller.
going to Kenya

But then I thought, huh hell no!  There ought to be enough with what i’ve
 got + a sun hat. Or simply use a blanket I have or similar to hang around the stroller.
- Oh I need a sack n seat.
going to Kenya

But then I read on some different forums that recommend having
 the baby in the stroller or attach them with a sarong in the chair, 
or attach them with a belt.
- Oh I must have Swimming nappies.
going to Kenya

Or maybe i´ll just buy two pair of swimming pants, 
which will capture the poop.
- Oh I need a baby monitor.
going to Kenya

But where IN HELL could we possibly go without 
Leo, we are probably as far as in the balcony when he sleeps.

I can´t buy everything, Or should we buy all of it. I mean the price for the 
trip costs like a half wedding. Then we have the costs for vaccination, visas, 
hats, different kind of sunscreen, and umbrella for the stroller and the list keeps 
going on. I mean do we really have to have everything set. I mean it should be 
possible to buy some there. Things like baby food, diapers toys and baby clothes.

Is there something you just have to take with you? 
While traveling to africa with a baby someone with good advice´s?

I am completely crazy about this. I just became one of those mamas
 I totally dislike, the one i never wanted to be, you know 


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