Words I love to hear my hubby say

One kiss could change it all.

Think of how long you’ve been with your significant other. Think of the top 5 things they 
have said to make you smile or blush. I’m sure some of those statements have been things 
like “you’re beautiful” or “thank you so much for doing that for me”. There’s one statement 
that shoots to the top of my list: “I’m proud of you.” In the past week, my hubby has told 
me he’s proud of me at least 5 times. People get really comfortable with their spouse as time
 goes on. Lots of couples joke that they don’t have to impress their spouse any longer because
 they’re married. Having my hubby tell me he was proud of me made me want to work even
 harder. It’s not about impressing him exactly, but who wouldn’t want their significant other
 to be proud of them?

I know Drake and Nicki Minaj may have worn out 

the phrase “I’m so proud of you” but coming from

 the love of my life, it was the best compliment 

I’ve ever gotten.


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