Day 33

The view
Fresh prawns with tamarind sauce and rice Swahili Style, from the Old Man and the Sea 
restaurant in Malindi on the Kenyan coast. We really enjoyed having lunch here.
One of many ways of egg delivery in Kenya. 
This gate belongs to a hotel close to the Sandise coconut village Malindi.
 I don't remember its name, SORRY. The flower arrangements are 
changed everyday With freshly flowers. Isn´t it beautiful? I want a gate 
just like that someday.

Kenya is full of variations. During our stay here we have been able to visit seven
 different places and none of them looks the same. Each city has its unique charm,
 both when it comes to climate, food, people, sights, etc.  Changing locations here
 is (almost) like shifting to a new country. 

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