3 points in the list

Today I finally got some time to call and chitchat with friends for more than 30 seconds lol. I appreciate it a lot. I started the day by an entirely housecleaning. Then I went out to buy grocery, I took this opportunity and did some shopping; this time only for me! This rarely happens nowadays.

Later in the evening my girlfriend came over. We spent the evening with a nice dinner and 
Discussed a lot about going naturalhair, natural hair journey and plentiful
 About everything and nothing. While enjoying a nice spa evening at home. We had such a blast! It's always nice to meet up with a friend that makes you feel good. Because then you know you´ll never get bored to death. 

Surprisingly I managed not calling and checking Leo all the time at his grandparents. I honestly checked on him three times through the whole day. Every time I called he expressed such joy, which made me realize that I had nothing to be worried about.

It looks as if I’ve checked at least 3 points in the list; I stayed busy, got a lot of support from friends and I fully enjoyed my day.  

It’s this perfect recipe for a first sleepover? Well mamas it sure worked for me! 

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