First sleepover

I need some distraction ... I haven´t mention this to you dear friends. My little man is having his first sleepover at his Grandmas (daddy’s mom) tonight. It´s my first time leaving him for over than 1 1/2 a day, let alone overnight without me. 

I've been worried all day; I´ve had different kinds of scenarios running through my mind.  Anxious about if he´s ready for a sleepover. Now, perhaps you’ll think I'm a nut case, because Leo will actually spend the night at his grandma with his dad. Maybe I’m suffering with separations anxieties. The thought of my baby missing his mama, and I’ll not be there for him, just kills me. At the same time, I feel that this will do him good. He´ll get used of being away for a while without us. He´ll also learn how to socialize with other than just the two of us. It´s also an advantage to us, because if he´s having a ball at grandmas, me and hubby we’ll be able to get more of baby free time. 

Last time we tried a sleepover, Leo was only 6 months. It was not at big shot! I changed my mind at the last minute, just before they would leave. I was nowhere near ready to leave him over a night. Since I became totally hysterical, they unpacked and stayed home lol (i´m sorry babe). This time I hope there would be no outbreak!; I’ll make this work… right? I have to start getting used to this. Gaaaaahhh I fear the day he´ll start kindergarten.

These are 5 great tips for parents who are experiencing separations anxieties.
I´ll definitely try to follow a few of these tips and see if they are workable. 
Anyone else had sleepovers yet?

 ·Stay busy
·Get support from other parents
·Enjoy your time!
·Never make your child feel guilty.
·Exchange tokens with your child

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