Happy Valentine´s day – Keep your love alive!

I think Valentine's Day is a fun day where I can take the opportunity to show my hubby tons of love. Eat some good food and cozy up a little extra. On the other hand, I think love should be shown to everyone that you love every day, don´t need to be over exaggerative, but a hug will get you far! 
I really don´t think that there is need for a special day for love. Show love every day instead! This is our first Valentine's Day with our baby boy, a true symbol of our love.

How will you celebrate valentine´s day?

I don´t know yet how our day will look like. Its 10.00 and Leo is still asleep.
 I just woke up and received a kiss from William who´s leaving to work now. 
Stop bay later and get a glimpse of our day!

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