My closet 

I am in desperate need of new clothes.... (Which we girls always ...). No, but seriously, it hasn’t become as much shopping due to the pregnancy.

 A lot of my clothes have been out of sight for several months now. I can’t wait to use them again! Or will I need to buy a whole new wardrobe? My clothes doesn’t fit me anymore, the pants makes me lose my breath, the shirts are impossible either my breasts are squeezed or they tend to live their own life outside. Speaking of breasts, none of my old bra fit me anymore.

 I’m very sad about this. It's really a huge dilemma for me; I don’t want to buy anything new in a larger size because they will eventually be enlarged for me. Don´t know about you guys, have you been able to use your clothing after pregnancy? or do we share the same problems?

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