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I think that a good presentation of a person is both interesting and important to most of us. Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve gained some new readers here on the blog, which is fun. I therefore intend to introduce myself to you, basically by interviewing myself. There is a saying that you have 30 seconds to create the first impression. So here we go!

Tell us about yourself.

- My origin is from the beautiful country Kenya, also known as the pride of Africa, and i grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm closer to thirty than twenty. For as long as i can remember i´v always believed that by the time i reach thirty, i´ll have “my shit together,” well, we’ll  see about it. I'm definitely not there yet. Damn it! But I still have some years left to pull it together. Lucky me huh

I have been shearing my life with my finance for more than ten years. We have a son together our little Leo.  And not least, we also have a cat known as Zingo. We live in a cool suburb in the outskirt of Stockholm. This suits me very well. I love the surrounding nature and the quite life here. I recently graduated a bachelor of social work, and i´m so looking forward to start working soon. And for the moment i´m a stay home mama.

However, this really tells you nothing about me. You´ll probably get to know me better through my posts. Just keep on following me.

How long have you been blogging?

- Not long at all. I wrote my very first post on the 7th of February this year. I started blogging because it's fun! I use it as a vent for my feelings, as a forum for my opinions, my goals in life, my dreams mixed with images and music of course.

Which kind of blogs do you like?

- I like personal blogs, brave and honest blogs. It may well be about life. I mostly read about motherhood and parenting blogs. I have interest outside the "typical" mom blogger stuff. I am also passionate about the subjects such as poverty, class differences, and inequalities. 

What kind of person are you?

- I am both lazy and energetic, in my mind i´m a sort of cross between a teenager and a senior. I´m exceptionally childish for my age in the way that I sleep half the day (when I'm off) and I talk some type of slang interspersed with academic expression. Yes, it happens. I like to have it nice around me, but I prioritize other things than cleaning.

The senior in me likes to watch the news and to have regular times for meals. When I read the newspaper I mostly read EVERYTHING in it. And some people call my taste for difficult and tricky. And action movies make me fall asleep; they are not my cup of tea.

  What do you do when you want to have fun?

- I mostly spend my spare time
with my special someone. I have fun while shopping or traveling. Personally i love to spend my spare time with family and friends, in my opinion a good way of having fun. Sometimes i do enjoy going out with my girlfriends. But this rarely happens nowadays. To me it’s kind of fun to just have a coffee and listen to a good track while writing. I told you that i am Senior…

What do you watch on TV?

- Not much.... But i rather watch a documentary than a regular movie!

Describe yourself in few words.

- Honest
- Flexible
- Optimist
- Argumentative
- Fun and
- Ambitious

What´s you´r plan for today?

- Nothing much, i´ll just have a quiet day. Maybe i´ll carry on with painting Leo’s baby chair (I´m repainting it), take a walk, possibly washing clothes, buy candy, take a bath, and write a bit on the blog.... just an ordinary Saturday.

You may post me a question if you have any questions about something that I didn’t covered. Thanks for taking your time and attention.

Best Saturday to you!

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