There are only few days until my dear mother and I travel to London can´t wait. I´ll get to meet my beloved sister and her beautiful family. I´ll get to meet my nephew for the second time. And first time for Leo to meet his cousin. It´s only a month between them, it will be fun to see how they play, talk and interact to each other. Then of course, getting to shop new items for this spring, oh so fun. Maybe i´ll go for this kind of colure for spring. I would love to see mamas in different and edgy colors this spring.


I think this harsh climate we have here in Sweden it´s part of why we are attracted to buying black or darker clothes. Personally i think darker people in general should wear bright colors because it looks so great on us. And not just stick to dark ones! Will I be edgy enough for this spring?

 Now I'll continue to bring color to this Tuesday!

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