Yummy almost healthy lunch


It's easy with a salad like this in the middle of the day. Especially when you don´t feel like to cook up a stew. I love salad, but only with a good dressing. I´m having a very simple salad lunch right know. It´s salad leaves, sundried tomatoes and a chicken pie.

Being able to have lunch every day is a truly blessing. Keep in mind that there are people who don´t get neither lunch nor any meals at all. For some, lunch may be their only meal for the day. I know at least how vital school lunch is for all the children in school. I remember that I liked the food in school, during my school day. Well, ok maybe not always. But sometimes I enjoyed it. It makes me wonder if Leo will like or dislike his school meals.

Here is a glimpse of what school lunches look like in some countries around the world.

Yummy almost healthy lunch

1. USA Pizza, chips, fruits, milk ….
2. Honduras Porridge
3. Kenya Rice and beans
4.  Korea Axed grains and rice, stinky bean stew, mixed and fried chicken and vegetables,
 simmered seaweed a.k.a. steamed green beans, and cabbage kimchi.

1. Japan Rice and fish make up the bulk of the menu, 
but some days students are treated to the kind of East-West comfort food.
2. UK Sandwich and greens..
3. Sweden Potatoes, cabbage, beans, cracker, Lingon Berry juice.
4. Ghana Rice with sauce

1. Brazil Rice, Beans, Bread, Meat with vegetables, banana and alface, acelga salad.
2. France Frites, orange, yoghurt, clams, artichokes, dessert, bread

As you can see the kids eat very differently in different parts of the world. But, the most important thing is that they get to enjoy a lunch.

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