Child vaccination

We are now heading to the child care center for TB syringe.
 Ooh my poor little darling. Hoping it will be just fine; He´s been taking it 
so good the other time he got the first vaccinations.

All children in Sweden are entitled to vaccination against nine serious diseases 
by children and school health services. Some children who are at increased risk
 of infection or at risk of additional severe disease, are also offered vaccination
 against four other diseases.
Child vaccination

I'm curious if there is any more than me who am a little
bit against vaccinations of all kinds? I think that certain vaccinations,
medicines, etc... Can do more harm than good and will be reserved in
 what I press and inject into my child.

It would be fun to hear your thoughts on this topic. All thoughts are welcome.
 Have you been vaccinated against swine flu vaccine, or given your child? Do you 
give your children all the vaccines that doctor says that you should? Do you do it
 because doctor says so or because you feel you must; is it your choice or someone else?

Lovely Wednesday to you!

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  1. There are pros and cons when talking about vaccines and it is really hard to say, in a good term it would help our kids to survive in this current world as it has so many wired things going around, in some case it cause disorder but that just for only one little chance in a million ..... i think it would be more dangerous to let our child face this world without it.

  2. I have too sons one has been completly vaccinated with no problems. My younger child has all but one vaccination, which I am not giving him because he had a bad reaction to the 12 month vaccination.

  3. I would not do it myself. I've heard too many stories of children developing autism after getting vaccinated. Completely normal children before getting the vaccine. These things are full of toxic preservatives, heavy metals etc... I would not risk it with my child that's for sure. I would focus more on feeding my child a healthy diet with no processed foods and developing their immune systems naturally

    1. The topic of vaccines is really complicated.Just out of curiosity...we're u vaccinated as a child or did your parents chose not to vaccinate you?

    2. It certainly is and a very challenging decision to. I was vaccinated as a child. I did get all the basic ones plus extra for example the yellow fever. I’m kind of pro for the basic vaccines just because they´ve been around for so long and the science have proven that they are safe. But then there's the new ones which follows with a lot of sides effect for example the swine flu vaccine (glad I didn’t take it) a lot of people have been suffering after taking it. But whatever you choose to do, I think it is important to read and make sure to know about the side’s effect. Even if it’s on a doctors order i´ll always make sure to questioning it, demand a clear statement and carefully choose what kind of toxins are injected into my child.

    3. I´v also heard about the terrible side effect that one can get. The risk is Huge but we never get to hear about as much. I like the idea of the naturally way. I´m all open for any ideas. Thanks for the comment.