Good thing it says in the street which way to look at. 
It's probably some who are confused because they drive on the left side of the road.

In a previous post I wrote about how I worried about travelling with a baby 
for my very first time. Well besides all the stress, oversleeping and almost missing our 
flight to Stansted. The trip went surprisingly smoothly. Thank goodness for that! I´m 
extremely surprised by how cool Leo was during the trip. He was in good spirits and did 
not cry even once during the entire trip. He´s ears didn’t pain during the flight as I feared.

I took the advice from some mama blogs out there and gave him the bottle during lifting to 
relieve the pressure in his ears. And it worked out very well; he slept most of the time during 
the flight. All through the days in UK, Leo was with us in all the adventures from morning to night.
 He went along on our entire shopping spree without whining, he just sat nicely in he´s stroller smiled 
and talked to every person he managed to charm. He is a happy and such a curious little fella.
 Is mama proud, TOTALY!

I personally think the disadvantage of traveling with a baby was to keep track of all. I mean it was heavy 
carrying around all our stuffs, plus a baby weighting about 19 pounds. Since the stroller was checked in I
 carried Leo in a baby carrier just to be more flexible. It helped somewhat, but it isn’t that easy. It got a bit 
sweaty, and defiantly exhausting after carrying him around for a while.

 Oh my and to mention the security checkpoint, just imagine it!
 I totally hated it! Luckily Leo had his grandma there to help me out. 

Another annoying thing is that London is not suitable for children. It can´t be easy for the mamas there 
having small children who are not self-going. Just a thing such as finding a nursery room was not easy.
 They were only to be found at large department stores, we sometime spent a lot of time searching for were
 to change diapers. Ooh just one last thing, doing things with children always takes twice as long. And it 
gets worse when traveling, when you are on unfamiliar ground. I´v learned a lot, and overall the trip 
was an experience I wouldn’t want to be without.

Missing my nephew so much and so do Leo, you fellows would love him.
He’s full of character, and to mention his quietness. Thanks you all for a nice stay.

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  1. Im traveling to London with my son just the two of us for the first time next week. Should i bring along the car seat or are they available in the taxi?

  2. Oh my apology for the late reply. Well you are probably back from London. Personally i would recommend to bring
    along you´rs. I'm not sure, if they offer that kind of services. But it´s sure something i´ll look for, and get back to you when i kwn better. What was your experience? Hope you had a pleasant stay.