How to get rid of baby fat

Its training time for me. i’m motivated if i’m starting on something I better give it a 110% try. So it’s on,
 I'm tired of this winter laziness. So people out and move it now! I´ll not get rid of those extra pounds by
 going to the bus or by walking the stairs instead of the elevator. And furthermore i´ll be healthier 
by exercising. I want to be healtier, i need to be healthy for the sake of my family 
and mostly for myself.

I started training seriously two months ago. Then my treadmill suddenly broke and therefor i
 completely lost the motivation. But it has been fixed for a while know, and it´s about time I get up there 
and start runing, well at least start up with pw. I got the feeling back. Now I am nine months plus after 
pregnancy so no excuses! So go ahead mamas 

let’s do this.

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