Ladies and gents, it would appear that African inspired fashion has
 officially arrived and so in style. WE LOVE IT! It's about time too.

I´m aware of that African fashion and influences have been around for quite some time, but the 
current rebirth of the “African movement” is all about to find that perfect balance between new and old.
 Talented designers and image-makers are riding the broader wave of interest in Africa’s rebirth and 
attracting an international clientele by balancing contemporary fashion’s pursuit of the new with an 
appreciation of the ideals of beauty and beautification that are deeply rooted in
 Africa’s cultural and social awareness.”

The true inspirations. Its lively, joyfull, colorful, full of life it’s warm. It’s Africa.

Solange Knowles, who's individual style I dig, has been rocking quite a few funky African print outfits. 
She wears them in cute little dresses, jackets and jumpsuits made from West African print cotton and wax
 fabrics. The bubble dress she's wearing in the picture above is a fabulous mix of two prints by an
Africanfashion label that I absolutely LOVE They mixes African prints in the funkiest ways. 

ps: I need to get this afro-chic look down for summer. No I mean, ASAP!

Colorful day to you ; )

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  1. I want too! I've to find fabrics with this kind of print. There where a few on Symässan in Älvsjö last November but since the colours were yellowish I didn't buy any. The prints were lovely, though. The dress in the top pic is more my colour and the dress style is gorgeous!

  2. They are adorable!! I'm yearning for them want want want. Its hard to find some fabric here, any color would be fine for me since you can always mix it up. But ill try to get some in Kenya, im traveling there soon if you would want some. They are so right for this summer, better yet all summer. Symässan sounds very interesting, would love to attend.

  3. Actually I found two shops last weekend with fabrics with African prints. The one on Östgötagatan had the best ones in my opinion. I bought three pieces and is now thinking of what to sew out of them. I'm going to combine two of them in one garment.

    http://coloursofafrica.se/ (Östgötagatan)

  4. Wow that’s great!! I didn´t know you could find such fabrics here. Is it an African shop or? I’m so excited, i´ll visit that place and see if I find something. I think you´re idea about combining is great. Well a dress is never wrong, go for a simple style, otherwise it’s more of a risk that you´ll quickly get tired of the garment. Go for a shorts or nice easy top. Good luck, i’m waiting for the follow up : )