Quick lunch ideas

Quick lunch ideas

Don´t know if you can call this lunch. It´s more like a meal that could feed an entire family.
 Will I be able to walk after this? I mean is this really a good idea considering this. Ooh well, 
It´s what it is a Quick lunch ideas. Right now we are in central Stockholm. William is available
 throughout the afternoon. I appreciate this moments when were able to do things like this 
in the middle of the week. Usually, it´s Leo and I, who get to have fun every day. 

On Saturday we´re invited to a baptism of a beautiful baby girl. We´ll there for spend 
most of our time here looking for a christening gift. Alot of fun, since I love shopping. 
There´s something I'm thinking about considering baptism, but I'll get back on it later. 
Now I have to start eating if i´ll ever going to make it……. Empty my plate!

enjoy your day!

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  1. It looks nice, but whats up with the mix, rice and fries. I like you´re blog.where you from?

    1. Thanx im glad you´re here, lol its a carbohydrate shock! It was tasty. I´m a born Kenya ; )