Warm Welcome

I recently, I got new readers from different directions you become 
more and more. That just makes me so happy. When I started blogging
 for, I couldn’t even imagine that anyone would read what I had to say, well,
 okay possibly my mom lol. I want to welcome you and hope you stay with me. 
For more about me check here

Warm Welcome

If you have tips and ideas you're certainly welcome to come with them 
even criticism opinion. Remember you also can contact me by e-mail

Peace and love to you.



4 kommentarer:

  1. You got a nice blog : )where is your fiance from and how did you meet?

    1. Thanx i appreciate that! Well he´s also a kenyan. We meet way back, in a club : )

  2. Hi im from france and i just find yoyr blog. Its good, i have my first baby for 3 months ago. Really fun to follow you.

  3. Im a kenyan to. Nice blog you got here. Im definatly your new follower.