Spring clean your relationship.

Spring Clean your relationship

The temperatures here in Stockholm have everyone thinking spring is here.
When people start wearing lighter clothes you certainly knows that spring feel is in the air.

But as much as spring is about flowers and warmer weather, it is also about switching over from
 the old and moving to the fresh. We move from big down feathered bundles of coats to short
 sleeves and light jackets. We put away winter’s blues away and break out the new and colorful 
attitude of spring. Are you also like me, that always “spring clean” your home of every 
that speaks of winter and get ready for the light carefree months to come.

But, what about our relationship? I mean is it about time, regardless of the month of the 
year or the temperature outside, to spring clean our relationship? To put away the dullness
 that winter can bring and break out a light new attitude and perspective. I have learned, 
in my own relationship that some things might not change. We can complain and bother, 
but some things won’t change.

The reality is that we can´t change our partner, if we can change anything or anybody,
 we can change ourselves. I think that the reality is some problems are not meant to change. 
Some problems exist and are meant to grow us up and change our perspective around. 
It´s a perspective that may take years to arrive at, but when achieved will 
provide a life time of peace.

For this season, i´ll plant seed of hope. At times it seems like going on isn’t going to happen. 
I´ll Take on some new challenges set some goals that give our relationship something to
 look forward to. Every new season of growth needs to be nurtured. That’s why I´ll
 make time, a specific time, that i will spend watering my relationship.

Enjoy the season you´re in. Just as winter comes to an end, spring gives way to the heat of summer.
 So as you realize that something’s won’t change, enjoy what good there is in the relationship.
 He or she is not perfect, they have a list of faults than we would like,
 but enjoy the good things that made you first fall in love with them.

Whether they change or not is really not within your control. 
But, this spring let your attitude be light and your perspective new and free.

Life is shorter than short, so decide to enjoy every moment of it. Here are some easy ways to do it. 
So begin some spring cleaning in your marriage/ relationship. I know I will.

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  1. Oh i cant wait to be able to wear short skirts and ballerina shoes, love is in the air like its Spring season
    What a lovelly blog!

    1. Thanks luv, I also look forward to the glorious summer time. There is no better feeling than to be embraced by the sun and its healing effect. Start cleaning up now, n the summer will be even sweeter <3