traveling with a baby

As i write this 
I am only some days away from traveling.
 And a million things are running through my mind. Aside from deadlines i need to meet before
 leaving. I, like many who go on vacation, am thinking about what I will do during my travels.

This time it's so much different. It´s my first time traveling with a baby. Last time I traveled 
i had my baby safely protected in my belly as i was 7+ 3 week pregnant. How will this end up? 
I haven´t­­­ even started planning on what to pack with me, what to include, what to avoid.

 I don´t know how to plan these things, 
and William isn’t much for a help either. In the past when I traveled, I had only myself to think about. 
This time around, it´s very different, how different? Well I don´t know. 

traveling with a baby

If only Leo could speak…

On top of that i just realized that both Leo and I don’t have a suitcase or a carry-on bag. 
So know we’re on our way for today´s adventure, to find a good suitcase and start 
packing. To get an early start is the key while doing everything with a baby.
 Well at least that I’ve learned.      

A car is probably the perfect cradle for babies…

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