To baptize a baby

A friend of ours is baptizes their little princess today. We are soon leaving to celebrate 
this special day. I got a feeling; it will be a very nice day. But before we leave, I want to share 
some of my thoughts I have about baptism as I promised. 

II think it´s quite a large majority who choose to baptize their children. Some do it out of 
religious or traditional cause. And other because they feel they have to. We chose to 
baptize Leo partly because we believe in the very beautiful tradition, but mainly because 
of our belief. Both William and I are baptized, and I also did the confirmation. As kids we 
always went to church every Sunday. Those days were really special. I do still remember
 how much fun we had on the Sunday school. And how much I liked reading the bible and was fascinated.

We were quite familiar and knew what a baptism was all about. That’s why we didn´t had any doubt 
about choosing the same path to our son. Baptizing a child or adult it's about giving the opportunity to get 
part of a larger community, with God and a congregation. Baptism is a promise of deliverance and protection. 
You thank God for the miracle that the newborn is. Baptism has no strings attached, the child does not need 
to perform, but is a gift from God. Baptism also clarifies new roles in relationships. Roles as parents,
 grandmother, grandfather, godparents and so on. 

To baptize a baby

I know that some people baptize their children without being the least faithful.
They do it because it´s just a thing that’s people always has been doing and 
because it´s a good tradition or something.

It is not me to judge If that´s a right or a wrong thing to do. I believe that anyone who chooses to 
baptize their children wish their children well. But in my belief I think if you're not religious at all 
it´s sure kind of an insult to stand and promise what will not last. They say quite clearly that you should
promise to raise the child in the Christian faith. If you don´t have the belief in what you promise 
to do, then it´s advisable for you to think twice. I mean if you choose to baptize a child just because of 
the tradition, Then it might be a better chose to have a naming ceremony instead and skip the church part.
 Just saying.

If we are blessed with more baby’s in the future i´ll continue to baptize. It's a nice tradition that 
I want to continue on. To me, the child may choose to continue to be "children of God" when it's 
time for the confirmation, just like I did. But if the child it´s not baptized, they´ll not be able to make that choice

and how many teens want to be baptized?

I remember Leo's baptism as it was yesterday. It was on November last year,
 A very beautifully autumn day. The day was filled with joy, warmth, love and friendship. 
The water. A symbol of life.
Food, food, cakes more cakes, drinks, music, laughter, love Happy people.
Leo and godfather.
                                                                                                                                                                    All great photos by; marijayne   
I Hope that one day when our son will
look back at the pictures, he may feel that he´s been part of the community.

I’m curious guys! What´s your opinion about baptism,
church or no church, have you baptized or going to baptize your baby?

A lovely day to you.

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  1. what a lovely family, beautiful<3

    1. Ooh thats sweet of you. Thanks ; )

  2. Great pictures. You have a beautiful family. We also love baptism.

  3. OMG you´re son is to to tooooo quite! Have you thought about babymodeling?

    1. Im very greatfull, no i havent thought about that. Should i?.. i just might...hmm ill let you know if. Thanx for paasing by : )