We are back home

We have behind us some fantastic days in UK in Stratford to be more precise. 
I was mainly there to visit my sister and her family, but of course I also did a bit
 of my own time. Stratford was full of life and I felt euphoria from morning to night.

We visited many shops and markets under the theme of clothes, hair and shoes.
 We lived near the Westfield shopping Centre beside Stratford Station as where we shopped.

Did you know that It´s the largest shopping mall in Europe?

The mall has shops for almost everything you would think
 about, just everything. I was happy every second in this paradise
KIKO shop makes you no excuse for not getting your nails vibrantly.

Did you also know Stratford is all for the Olympics 2012?

Pink hair don´t care.

Leo is on a walk with he´s grandma. 

Well, how about the trip itself. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with 
a baby. I’ll be back with more on that soon. Leo is screaming for fooooood know and so is my stomach!

I wish you all a wonderful start to the week!  

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