At last

At last, the test result is here. Now we have it written black on white. Do you remember when I wrote 
here that there was a suspicion on that Leo could have cow's milk allergy? For two weeks ago, we took 
blood samples for different food allergy such as soya, gluten, egg, cow's milk, and for TSH and all
 turned out negative, No allergies YEEEES! I couldn’t be happier!

By the way Leo is doing fine know and the stomach is on duty again. Even though if the test 
came out negative, the doctors’ orders is that we shall continue with the milk free diet for a while,
 as it actually gave a good effect. The reason why to continue with the diet is because he may be 
sensitive to cow´s milk even though there are no signs of allergy.

I´v learned a lot by this and I am pleased that I got more knowledge about the use of milk in food.
 Milk is used in so much I'm actually shocked by this. No wonder more and more people suffer from
 this allergy. I would advise you my friends to start reading about how cow milk is used in almost 
everything we eat. I would call it an abuse, the milk has become a norm to use in food, but is
 cow milk really risk-free? More about that soon as i’m thinking of writing further 
about this issue.

But right now I´m breathing in and is
 happy by this great news.

Wonderful Saturday to you.

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