Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to you, all fine mothers out there! I got a nice surprise 
this morning. I was served breakfast in bed by two very important men in my 
life. I got some great gifts, and been quite spoiled this morning, WOW. No
 pictures taken but, I´ll take a picture later and show my very first mother’s day 
gift. He did it well…I love love love it.

But the BEST gift out of all, and the reason why I can celebrate this great day
 is in this picture at the bottom. Imagine that I´m the mother of this so perfect and 
wonderful small, but yet so major youngster. It´s a wonderful task in life 
to be your mama my son.

Mother's day
Thank you again my darlings for making my first mother's day so great! 
Thank you for making each day so perfect! You are my everything! 
I love you more than words can say!

And I send a hug to you my lovely mother...

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