Damn…I´m exhausted

What about you? Are you tired?

Do you curse your alarm clock when it goes off in the morning? 
Do you hate the fact that you have to wake up when it’s still dark?

Do you promise yourself that THIS will be the night you go to bed 
early, but then you drag yourself in the bed post-midnight 
once again?

Would you give your left arm for a decent 
night’s sleep that you wake up rested from?

Do you love your kids more than life itself, but you also 
acknowledge the fact that they are energy vampires?

Do you find yourself annoying people with your “I’m 
so tired!” proclamations every day?

If you find yourself answering “Yes” to three or more of 
these questions, then you may just be….me.

Okay, so I’m asking honestly: How do you get energy? 

What’s your secret?

4 kommentarer:

  1. I doing more than cursing lol ...but you do look great for being exhausted.

  2. let me know when you find the solution. bottle it up & ship it over here, thanks!!!!

  3. NIa/Chic Working Mom20 maj 2012 01:55

    Yes! I’m always exhausted in the morning and I always say I will go to bed earlier at night but I can never do it. I feel like I’m either a) missing something or b) there’s some task/activity that needs my attention. Coffee is my luvah! Love your site

  4. I love how you still can keep smiling ^.~