My chaos

My chaos
My kitchen is always a mess. Always. No matter if I clean as I go while I’m cooking dinner
 or if I wash the dishes before I go to bed, or if I clear off the counter before
 I start cooking. It just stays a mess. And I’ve given up, really, trying to keep it unspoiled.
 I think it’s a waste of my energy at this point.

Right now, I’m focused on many other things. I’m appreciating where I am right now in life
 and how much everything has changed in just short years. We’re growing as a family but
 most importantly, we’re growing stronger. It’s beautiful, really. I realized that our family will
 either sink or swim based on us. Our son is totally following our lead. If Mama or daddy is sad 
or overwhelmed, he feels it. If we are happy and content, he is as well.

So I’ve been making a conscious effort to be patient and to
 view all my so-called “issues” as blessings. For example…

If my living room is a mess, that means our kid love to play.

If my bedroom is a mess, I’m grateful that I have a decent sized bedroom and
 lots of clothes.

When I see dirty dishes in the sink, instead of sighing and cursing the fact that
 we are forever washing up dishes, I will be grateful that we have dishes. Dirty dishes
 mean we eat regularly.

If I feel exhausted, I will try to remember that this is what 
building a legacy is about. Long hours, big projects.

When our son drives me crazy with he´s 2,768th grumbling for 
something, I will admire his persistence instead of fussing under my breath.

If I chose to look at everything through a more positive lens, then eventually, it will 
become habit. And then those daily annoyances will instead be small reminders of how
 good life actually is.

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